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Town and District Public Library Osterburg-Stendal

About our library


Our public library consists of two parts – the town library located in Osterburg and the mobile library (BookBus) that drives throughout the district “Landkreis Stendal”.

You can find our town library in a half-timbered house at the Big Market. It is protected as a historic monument. Here the visitor can feel each day how the heart beats for literature in our town. The library with plenty of timber, alcoves and reading tables exudes warmness as if you just came home.

Our BookBus goes on journey nearly every day and lends books, dvds, cds and other media to the people living in the countryside. About 100 places are on the schedule of our BookBus which comes to each place every two respectively three weeks. Have a look on the BookBusSchedule and find out if it comes to your place. Just enter your place in the search field and press "Suchen".

By organising author readings, concerts and literature-days we try to contribute to the culture life in Osterburg and the region.

You are very welcome to visit or join us!


  •     novels
  •     children's books
  •     books for young people
  •     non-fiction
  •     guidebooks
  •     magazines and local press
  •     audiobooks
  •     music-cds
  •     movies
  •     software and games for PC, Wii ans Nintendo DS
  •     eBooks, eAudio, eMagazines, eVideo (online content)
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